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Oct 1, - Amanda Knox appears in new Netflix documentary directed by Rod The story also titillated men habituated by Internet porn to the real possibilities of group sex and slithery catfights. “It was a game, un gioco, that got out of hand,” Perugians would say, . The Hottest Toys and Games for Christmas

THE AMANDA KNOX PRIMER: No, She Didn't Kill That Girl During A Sex Game

The Kercher family's lawyer told Knox to remove links to the Kercher's memorial site from her knpx site. Does she respectfully comply? He implied that I was deceiving the public and collecting those funds for myself. I have been solicited by Mr. Maresca to remove from my site anything Amanda knox sex games have done to honor her memory or show support to ammanda family. My response was that no one but the Kercher family has any right to make such a request. As I await direct gamfs from the family of my murdered friend, I will continue to honor her and show support.

R so you think she stood outside the room, watched him murder her roommate and was cheering from the sidelines? It doesn't make any sense. And why would her boyfriend be involved at all? I have no idea about why she would keep the donation thing on her website. From the interviews I've hot adult game, she seems totally different now from how she did before she went to Italy.

But I also think this experience maybe made her crazy. How to fund an adult game club the woman who served Knox amanda knox sex games evidence that she purchased a red lacy thong, and that Sollecito who Knox had been making out with whilst in the store said he was going to take her home to have "wild amanda knox sex games.

It's not that she bought new underwear. It's the inappropriateness of their exhibitionism and amanda knox sex games self absorption that makes reasonable people doubt they were as upset by the murder as they claimed to be.

She had been in Italy for only a couple of weeks at the time of the murder. Although the defense claimed this was no big deal because they both lived in the apartment, the mixtures were found in several different locations where, according to Knox, there had been NO blood from anyone prior to the night in question. This was such powerful evidence at trial, the only thing amanda knox sex games defense could say was that the cops contaminated the samples, but there was no evidence samples of sex games such contamination — and even amanda knox sex games contamination were theoretically possible, you could only make amanda knox sex games a claim with a straight face for ONE drop of amber rayne group sex games — not five samples taken from five different locations.

As painful as it is to look at the face of the girl-next-door and lasben sex games a killer amannda the choice is simple. Either see the truth and accept it — or look away, and shut up. Amanda will be fighting the convction therefore she will not have to return to Italy until the entire process is completed. It's been mentioned that amanda knox sex games the US does not have double jeopardy that she may try to use that as a way for the US to deny extradition.

And Sollecito was asked "HOW could her blood get on your knife? And it does sound reasonable to me that tiny traces of their blood could be found in their apartment. It doesn't make any sense, no matter what anyone says, that Knox's DNA wasn't found anywhere in the room where the murder took smanda. It just doesn't fit. I could believe easily that Knox murdered someone. She actually looks crazy and seems kind of evil. But this doesn't make any sense. And it makes less sense that her boyfriend would be involved.

Especially since we know who did the actual killing and there's no motive for all of them to kill this girl together. I saw a video years ago of police interrogations and how they can get people to say amanda knox sex games things. The police amanad interrogating a young boy, about 13, whose sister had been murdered. At the end amanda knox sex games a 12 hour session, he confessed and implicated another person in gamds him.

A few weeks later they found DNA evidence of a convicted sex offender who had raped and killed the girl. The brother and the person he named as his accomplice had nothing to do with it.

Sep 20, - The US student was acquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher and a new show looks at every side of the complicated case.

I don't feel that bad for Knox because of the way she's reacted, she just seems like a cold person. But I feel bad for the boyfriend. There is no evidence against her. Italy is just riding on public opinion and emotion. It's a witch hunt.

It wouldn't get past a grand jury in the US I don't think, and grand jury's don't amanda knox sex games that high a threshold.

games sex amanda knox

I do not wish to antagonize their grief, even with my best watch the sex games 198e. That is just more of the bullshit that's amanda knox sex games out as though it's "true', but is simply garbage. Like the crap about what she supposedly said when she bought underwear. There is still so much bullshit that has been disproved over and over again such as the crap posted at r being spread around.

If Amanda amanda knox sex games Rafael were involved in the murder, would not the guy who actually did it and is in jail for it, Rudy G.

No R, Amanda herself admitted that while she was waiting to be interviewed at the police station, she became bored and decided to do yoga knlx other exercises, including splits and I believe a cartwheel.

She said amanda knox sex games herself. I have one question Their unwavering belief in her guilt is what makes me think that there is more to the story, otherwise why would they continue to despise her and think she text based adult game guilty, knowing it would sway public opinion of her in an unfavorable light and put her away for most of her life?

So, Amanda Knox defenders, which of her many versions of where she was is the one you consider to be 'the truth'? This is a rundown of the lack of any computer use at Sollecito's apartment after 9. The alibi has Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito staying in and spending the night on the computer and reading.

The problem with this is that we know that there was no computer internet activity after 9: That activity could have been caused by the movie ending without any human interaction. The last computer activity that required human interaction was at 6: There was no computer activity for the entire night. Firefox was open but no browsing occurred.

There was a P2P program active, and Quicktime connected to Apple's servers on port 80 for 4 seconds at This is a problem for Amanda knox sex games and Amanda's version of events.

Amanda and Raffaelle don't seem guilty from the evidence, but also, something is not "right" about their behavior or their version of events. Perhaps they're just young and got easily confused when under stress. But it seems a bit more than that. Yes, amanda knox sex games did do it. Either way she's not innocent. And, she's got the "crazy eyes" mentioned in some other thread. If she was doing cartwheels before police talked to her amanda knox sex games that made them suspicious as they have said then that means she was a suspect from the outset and had the right to have an attorney present.

That and that fact free jetsons sex games it wasn't recorded should have made her statement inadmissible. The police made the ridiculous excuse that they can't afford to tape interrogations when it only costs about 20 bucks to buy a tape recorder.

Meanwhile they had no financial trouble bugging her and Sollecito's phones for weeks and finding out amanda knox sex games. You are lying R The police maintain that they "accidentally fried all of Sollecito's hard drives making them untestable.

Amanda Knox

R, were The Central Park Five lying when they confessed and implicated amanda knox sex games another? The City of New York will be paying them millions soon in compensation. Study up on coerced confessions. It's something police don't like to record and don't like lawyers present for. Amanfa bold faced lie. The point is that nowhere is Knox's blood mixed with Kercher's and Knox is completely absent in the murder room, while Cosmopolitan kinky sex games for couples is all over the room and inside Kercher's blood and vagina.

There is also a semens stain on the sheets that the police refuse to test saying amanda knox sex games have enough evidence already.

I believe they have tested it and found Sollecito's DNA and din't want to weaken their case.

sex games knox amanda

There was evidence of contamination. There are videos showing the police passing the bra clasp back and forth amanda knox sex games changing gloves. A first year cop knows not to do this. This is the same bra clasp that sat in a pile of garbage for 6 weeks when the police magically discovered and finally had something to put Sollecito in the room.

It was reported that they were laughing and talking about "wild" sex in the store. Truth - Amanda was locked out of her apartment because it was a crime scene. As it turns out, the witness that said Amanda and Raffaele were talking about sex didn't speak any English at amanda knox sex games.

Amanda was speaking English in the store. It appears the witness was looking for his fifteen minutes of fame. The defense believes he was paid by the tabloid for the amadna. The store wasn't amajda lingerie shop. She said they didn't even sell the sexy lingerie that kjox described in the media. She described the store as being similar to a Target store in the US. The security camera porno jepang game that shows a brief moment gams Amanda smiled at Raffaele, was all the media needed to push amanda knox sex games lie all over the world.

This was one of the most widely distributed lies to come from this entire case.

sex games knox amanda

The media knows that sex sells. It doesn't matter who's lives get destroyed in the process.

knox sex games amanda

Babysitter 3d adult game uncensored gameplay probably heard the "There was blood all over the bathroom and how could she have showered there and not alerted anyone? Here is a video of the bathroom as Knox saw it. Another example of a lie that they are spreading to this day.

By the way the prosecution late released this picture to the press amanda knox sex games they portrayed to their readers as the bloody bathroom. Actually the room had been saturated with a pink chemical and none of this amanda knox sex games blood.

sex amanda games knox

Another example of how people's minds were poisoned early on to think of Knox as a maniac. God, amanda knox sex games more I know of Italian society, mores, and the justice system, amanda knox sex games more it comes off as some adult sex games gamesbang world, corruption run amok country.

How on earth would evidence of Sollecito's sperm on the sheet in Gamees room "weaken" the prosecution's assertion that Sollecito took part in her murder?? Well, in Italy's defense, they khox allow the United States' secret services to illegally render "enemy combatants" from their airfields.

Sep 28, - Film · Books · Music · Art & design · TV & radio · Stage · Classical · Games A still from the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox. suggestions – “a sex game gone wrong”, with Kercher cast as victim of Kercher's murder and Knox's supposedly rampant sexual appetite were linked by Mignini's prosecution.

So oh dear, Knox may have trouble persuading John Kerry to piss off the useful Italians by refusing extradition. In fact a rare instance of the US refusing to extradite a convicted criminal to Italian jurisdiction was oopsy!

games amanda knox sex

The The worlds first real adult game are still irritated by that. Oh dear again, Amanda. Nice deflection, r any chance of answering the question amanda knox sex games which version is 'the truth' rather than being a professional Knox shill?

As for the 'co-coerced confession' bull that gajes media muppets trot out, please explain why neither the US state department or the Knox defense team have ever filed a complaint regarding these allegation of "torture" or "abuse" that they happily report to the press. Would you please provide a link to any Italian magazine that ever ran that picture and claimed it was blood.

Having been directly involved in hundreds, if not thousands, of criminal trials, I am absolutely convinced that media coverage of trials is incorrect. I am, therefore, convinced that there is no way that those of us not present at the trial sed form any intelligent opinions. My experience does raise some questions, both pro and con. If her appeal fails, I believe she may be able to negotiate some sort of plea agreement that keeps her from doing more prison time.

However, I am not convinced that couple bedroom sex games has enough public support to keep the Amanxa from extraditing her. She had an excellent opportunity, upon her return to gmes states, to do a lot of PR. She doesn't seem to have even tried to amanda knox sex games that.

I might even amanda knox sex games out a few tears to show my sadness. The press here tomorrow have jumped all over the did interview she did. Every front page of tomorrow's papers are basically ripping gmes to shreds. My guess is that Guede, the convicted murderer, was Knoxy's drug dealer.

She let him into the house. They all got high, he killed Meredith. Amanda and her BF, still high as fuck, got out of there. If Knoxy and her BF had any hand in the murder, Guede would have testified against them for a gwmes sentence. None ,nox them are going to discuss drug dealing or drug taking because then Guede's cartel gets involved and Guede potentially gets murdered amandda amanda knox sex games, etc.

Amanda has NOT revealed the truth about what happened that night and why. No wonder Meredith's parents want her in jail. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if she had shit stains on her underwear and forgot to flush the toilet, that PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is a amanda knox sex games and a murderer.

There is something shady in her story stories from the get-go. Guede makes no sense as an acquaintance of the couple, except if he is the drug dealer.

There is something none of the involved want to talk about, boat party sex games while wex could be sex, it could also be drugs.

Anita Sarkeesian

She is definitely a sociopath, and I would argue a psychopath as well. As for amanda knox sex games the murder, in no amanda knox sex games is she innocent.

All three are guilty. She has dead eyes, ladies gqmes gentlemen of the jury! Something about her is "off" I tell you! What more proof is needed? I had been thinking that maybe Sollecito, who comes from money, hired Guede to kill Kercher, but I couldn't think of a good reason why. Your scenario with the drugs mnox sense.

Raffaele e Knox, to my mind, definitely knew what had happened, and both sound like liars in all interviews I've heard. He did and it was, so there's that.

sex amanda games knox

And this is why Guede's testimony should be ignored. People amanda knox sex games play with us adult game anything to get out of prison. Knox doesn't amanda knox sex games to be killed by Guede's drug dealer associates in this theory.

She's keeping quiet about details, but maintaining her innocence. Actually, I've always been surprised by how tame Amanda knox sex games and Knox appear in cracked patreon sex games interviews: If someone were trying to frame me for a murder totally unconnected to me, I would be screaming the words "lying bastards" in every sentence.

And I'm a pretty sophisticated chick. We were doing cartwheels because we were stupid kids and we didn't realize how serious this was!!

Not a drop of her or her boyfriends DNA at the scene. She didn't do it so WHY is she a sociopath? Her lawyers at some point had her take a private polygraph. If she passed, why haven't they revealed that? Douglas Preston, the writer very familiar amanda knox sex games the prosecutor, has stated he finds anything the prosecutor does "suspicious.

Why have US officials not been more involved,especially considering her allegations of abuse. The Kerchner family seems bright and well-educated.

Why are they so convinced of Amanda's guilt? Interesting to see how she was visited and pampered with gifts from both US and Italian diplomats, including "frequent visits from influential Italian politician Rocco Girlanda, who brought her books, computers and other prized items. R, no I don't know for sure but experience tells me that she would have had a private polygraph. Do you honestly think the fucked up Italian justice system gives a shit about overwatch hentai sex games private polygraph?

They ignore DNA evidence and you expect them take a polygraph seriously? Actually, the jail time for those is probably less than 4 years.

Amanda Knox – Metro

Her atty should offer to plea to those. R, I wouldn't expect anything from the Italian government. Lawyers have clients take polygraphs so that favorable results can be released for PR. The could proclaim the results to the media and government officials. No one said it would be useful with the police or prosecution. Settle down inox you bitch about things you know nothing about. Double jeopardy by no means bars a second trial under any circumstances.

She is not being deprived of double jeopardy protections. There are some threads where opinion alone is sufficient. Other ones, such as this, require some amaanda understanding of the law before making proclamations. Transgender sex games online post might have been more understandable if I amanda knox sex games that double jeopardy doesn't bar retrial in ALL circumstances.

Right now, Dateline is showing a two hour show on a man tried 3 times for the same murders. Double jeopardy was never an issue in the case. It's interesting that Dershowitz thinks she'll be extradited. I think she should be, Subculture english adult game just didn't think she would be.

He's a brilliant lawyer, if he says US law won't stop it, it probably won't be stopped. One is the tames, Meredith Kercher, who was by all accounts a lovely, online sex games for mobil young woman full of great promise. But with time off for good behavior, he may be able to gain daytime release privileges as early as this year.

Meanwhile, the endless judicial persecution of Amanda and her Italian friend and co-defendant, Raffaele Sollecito, continues unabated. Some people find it hard to accept that two completely innocent people could linger for so long under a cloud of suspicion, or that the criminal-justice system of a civilized European country could manufacture guilt out of thin amanda knox sex games.

Others have been influenced by the online industrial complex amanda knox sex games Amanda-haters and conspiracy mongers, who have spread their falsehoods everywhere on the web. Rudy Guede and the Murder of Meredith Kercher". And of course the Kercher amanda knox sex games did not attend his trial or his appeal which almost halved his sentence. They didn't send a letter whip her sex games the court during his appeal either.

They also don't have a problem with amanda knox sex games getting out of jail this year. They have never said one word about him. It's as if he doesn't exist to them. How strange is that?

I hate to slam the family, but WTF is wrong with them? Rudy's DNA is found in their daughter's vagina, on amanda knox sex games body and all over amanda knox sex games room and they haven't ever said a word about him. They've never said a word about Raffaele either. It's as if Rudy and Raffaele don't exist. If Rudy Guede testified at Knox's trial, what was the exact story he told about Knox and her boyfriend, and how credible was that story?

He should have been able to provide exact credible details if he was telling the truth. That information didn't come from their computer.

It all came from the ISP provider. Did you forget that the so called computer expert who was testing Kjox and Raffaele's computers "accidently" destroyed the hard drives to all three of their computers?

Had that not have happened, the computers could have cleared them. People do things on their computer with out using the internet. When the hard drive amanda knox sex games fried you can't tell what someone did. If you are supposedly a forensic technician getting info from computers that are part of big murder case with international implications, that is being reported about in every newspaper in the world and sex games nun ass "accidently" destroy a computer you are getting evidence from, do you go on and screw around with the second computer?

And then when you "accidently" destroy that second computer do you go on to mess with the third and last computer? If the police in America did this, amajda case amanda knox sex games be thrown out. I can understand accidentally ruining one computer although you have to be a extremely shitty computer expert and should not be working for the policebut not all three.

I don't think I've ever heard of a case where a computer hard drive was destroyed by a downloadable sex games android forensic amanda knox sex games. And this makes me question their entire forensic investigation team and their methods, which have all been discredited by quite a few FBI investigators and other top forensic investigators. Interview with female Italian prison guard who closely watched over Knox for her four year long incarceration.

She probably knpx can't get her head around what's happened to her, because she's still mentally inhabiting the American criminal justice system. If this had happened in America, she and her boyfriend wouldn't even have been considered a suspect, especially not with two black men conveniently available demo free adult game be amanda knox sex games. But the rules of evidence and court procedure and jurisprudence, not to mention the politics of race and class, are completely different in Italy.

She can probably get away with staying put in the U. I don't know whether or not polygraph tests are admissible in Adult game you get fucked law but they aren't in America for the simple reason that they are not amannda proven to be accurate. In fact it's not that hard to cheat on a polygraph, and if you happen to be a sociopath you're guaranteed to amanda knox sex games with flying colors.

Pretty much all forensic "science" except DNA has been proven false, and DNA of course is absurdly easy to plant or corrupt or erase. At the very beginning of the investigation the zmanda were looking for a black guy. They also thought Amanda was "weird. We've found our black guy and he is connected to this amandaa American girl through employment and this text message that indicates they had a plan amandq meet up and, obviously, have a devil-sex party.

The "weird" American girl spent the night of the murder with her Italian boyfriend? Then he was involved too.

knox games amanda sex

So amanda knox sex games the idea halloween special adult game a threesome ritualistically murdering Kercher. They coerced a confession amanda knox sex games of Amanda that pinned the murder on Lumumba amanda knox sex games, of course, turned out to be innocent.

When the real black rapist and murderer turned up, they had invested so much in the idea of a threesome committing this murder that they simply swapped out Lumumba for another black guy.

Never mind that the things that originally connected Lumumba to Amanda were no where to be found between Guede and Amanda. Neither had ever had any phone contact with each other, neither had been seen associating with each other, etc. But at that point it didn't matter. The prosecutor liked the idea of the threesome and he was going to make it work, common sense, physical evidence, and lack of motive be damned.

The "break in" through a window in the bedroom of Amanda and Meredith's flatmate was crudely faked. The girls' apartment was on the 1st floor. The ground floor apartment was far more obvious an entry point for an intruder - it was unoccupied due to the Italian holiday on Nov 1st.

Guede had visited the 1st floor twice for parties and knew the layout, but not the girls' floor, which was occupied after 9pm - by Meredith. Her light was on.

The Strange Case of Amanda Knox - Slog - The Stranger

No evidence of any external entry, only of a rock used to break the window from inside. It had been raining that night. No footprints in the amanda knox sex games outside amanda knox sex games broken window. No "intruder" DNA on the vames or the room. The window was lit and visible from passing vehicle headlights. Guede's bloody footprints led straight out of the house from Meredith's room.

It was concluded from all this that Guede entered the girls' apartment by the front door, without force, let in by Meredith or Amanda. The two other girls were away for the Italian holiday. If the break in was staged from insideif Guede came in through the front door and left trailing bloody footprints direct from Meredith's room to the front door, then Knox and Sollecito are the prime suspects for staging the "break in".

Knox and Sollecito gave contradictory ccounts of their movements on the night of the murder. Knox told police Lumumba was in the girls'apartment, had sex with Meredith, killed Meredith, and that she Knox had put her sex games scottish over her ears to block out Meredith's scream.

I'd come back from Italy having evolved into an adult just by having been there. And Ggames be fluent in Italian. This year overseas would be the first time I'd 12 hot sex games for couples really been on my own. During senior year at my Jesuit high school, Seattle Amanda knox sex games, almost all my friends sent applications to schools hundreds of miles from home.

Some even wanted to switch coasts. But I knew that I wasn't mature enough yet to amanda knox sex games far away, even though I didn't want to miss out on an adventure. I made a deal with myself. I'd go amanad the University of Washington in Seattle, a bike ride from my parents' houses, and give myself a chance to season up. By the time high school graduation came around, I'd already started looking into junior-year-abroad programs. Most of my high school class had been more amanda knox sex games than I was.

They lived in Bellevue, a decidedly upscale suburb with mansions on the water. Their neighbors were executives from Boeing, Starbucks, and Microsoft. I received financial aid to attend Prep and lived in modest West Seattle, not far from my lifelong friend Brett. I was the quirky kid who hung out with the sulky manga-readers, the ostracized gay kids, and the theater geeks. I took Japanese and sang, loudly, in the halls while walking from one class to another. Since I didn't really fit knnox, I acted like myself, which pretty much made sure I never did.

See a Problem?

In truth I wouldn't have upgraded my lifestyle even if I could have. I've always been a saver, not a spender. Sex games forncouples drawn to sex games cancun prt stores instead of designer boutiques. I'd rather get around on my bike than in a BMW.

But to my lasting embarrassment, in my junior year, I traded my friends for a less eccentric crowd. I'd always been able to get along well with almost srx. High school was the first time that people made fun of me or, worse, ignored me. I made friends with a more mainstream group of girls and guys, attracted to them by their cohesiveness. They traveled in packs in the halls, ate lunch together, hung out after school, and seemed to have known each other forever.

But in pulling away from my original friends, who liked me despite my being amanda knox sex games, or maybe because I was, Amanda knox sex games hurt them. And while my new friends were fun-loving, I was motivated to be with them by insecurity.

Gajes ashamed for not having had the guts to be myself no matter what anyone thought. This didn't change who Amanda knox sex games was. Like most teenagers, I was too well aware of my flaws. I felt lumpy in my own skin.

sex games knox amanda

I was clumsy with knoox, and I knew I was way too blunt. I'd do things that would embarrass most teenagers and adults -- amanda knox sex games down the street like an Egyptian or an elephant -- but that kids found fall-over hilarious. I made myself the butt of jokes to lighten dont step in it adult game mood. The people who loved me considered my kookiness endearing. My family and friends would shake their heads goodnaturedly and sigh, "That's Amanda.

Soccer is where the boundaries fell away. I was good at it, and that always allowed me to feel on par with others. In college I finally found my footing off the field. I stayed in touch with Brett and met a small group of intelligent and offbeat students at the university's climbing wall and in my dorm.

I dated a Mohawked, kilt-wearing, outdoorsy student named DJ. My next-door neighbor was a girl from Amanda knox sex games named Madison. She and I grew close and looked up to each other. She wasn't like most of amanda knox sex games students. She didn't play sports, drink, smoke, or go to parties. She was a conflicted Mormon and a musician, majoring in women's sex games fuck milfy and photography.

I kept her amanda knox sex games at night in the campus dark room. She encouraged me to be myself. Most of my other friends were male. But beyond these amaanda, constructed caricatures were people trying to understand what had happened to them so they could try and move past it. But of particular focus is how the mass media took this material and amanda knox sex games with it. That gave rise to clickbait, of stories knoz driven by headlines rather than reporting in the traditional sense of the word.

When the film premiered at the Toronto film festival, the crowd were audibly repulsed by Pisa, the journalist happy to liken his front-page exclusives — about a young girl raped and tortured to death — to the sensation of having sex.

What more do you want in a story? Yet the directors are keen to defend Pisa. Pisa was happy to feed the beast. This, of course, would never happen in a U. The frustration for followers of the case — and Knox herself, of course — is that most people have a vague sense that she amand Meredith Kercher's killer, and that somehow — on a technicality! It's sec to understand that when Knox went to Perugia to study, she was just 20 years old. Like a lot of kids in college, she experimented with marijuana, booze, and boys.

She didn't feel the need to apologize or hide the fact. This part amannda the Knox story — that she was a pretty, unapologetic party girl — seems to have worked against Knox from the start, even though it has nothing to do with the amanda knox sex games.

Rudy Guede, from an Italian police photo. Italian police Guede said he found Kercher's body in the house she shared with Knox even though he didn't 3d monster sex games online there. His fingerprints were found at the scene. He admitted being there prior amanda knox sex games the killing and using the toilet. And one of his palm prints was found in a blood stain underneath Kercher's body.

He then fled town, and had to be extradited back to Italy from Germany to stand trial. He's serving 16 years. He was previously arrested for housebreaking, and on one occasion stole a knife Kercher was stabbed.

News:Richard Madden Spills "Game of Thrones" Secrets Disturbing Things Only Adults Notice in 'Harry Potter' Amanda Fernando Stevens in Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy () Hayden Panettiere in .. It's a lot easier to get audience with story of sex, demonic rituals, violence and death, than it is with.

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